Noel's 2006 pumpkins

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I Made the News! 2006 was a crazy year for pumpkin carving. I had two pumpkin carving articles in the local paper including a front page article and another one on how to carve pumpkin art.  Here are my pumpkins from 2006. The newspaper article definitely increased the traffic.  At one point we had 30 people in our yard. Everyone had their favorites, but the Dragon, the Death Star, and the Pirates pumpkins probably got more than the rest. 

To access the pictures, just click on the thumbnail and then use the "back" button to return.

First, My Masterpiece

Ciruelo's Dark Dsurion ended up making a terrific pattern.  I spent about 20 hours massaging the pattern to give me something to carve.

I consider this my masterpiece.  I spent 11 1/2 hours carving him , and could count my mistakes on one hand with fingers left over.  People were pretty floored with this.


The Death Star

My friend Kass came up with the thought that I should carve a pumpkin into the Death Star.  I ended up finding a 120 pound pumpkin and then spent 9 hours carving it out, and got it done only seconds before the big day.  Enjoy!

If you want to carve this yourself, go to the Carving the Death Star tutorial.


Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean was a definite this year.  I found this wonderful Black Pearl pattern and then added a nice movie label to it.  This went over really well.  
Jack Sparrow was a bit hit this year.  People mentioned this was the sexiest pumpkin they'd ever seen.  
Davy Jones went over pretty well too.  I added some lightbright-type inserts to his head to make more realistic barnacles.  
While not really a POC pattern, this dude looks enough like the eyeball guy that it worked.  On the same pumpkin as Davy Jones, I used a multi-colored light for this pumpkin.  I left some stringy goop inside to simulate hair.  

Kids, Teen Patterns

Where the Wild Things Are was one of my favorite kid books to read. I saw a picture of this guy and just had to make a pattern of him.  Teachers especially loved him.


Malificent is my favorite Disney villian.  This is the shot where she casts her curse.  It went over really well.
The Cars patterns were definitely a hit.  
 Nam carved Mater and Lightning McQueen.  
Mickey got a few nice comments.  
Arial and Flounder went over pretty well too.  
My first fake pumpkin of the year - Batman!  He went over so well last year I decided to keep him.
My second fake pumpkin of the year - Tigger!  
I did Eragon for a second year in preparation for the upcoming movie.
I had a statue of the Lord of Darkness from the Legend movie.  Unfortunately, the pumpkin I carved this on was REALLY dry, so I didn't get the face exactly like I wanted.
Nam worked up this Ghostbusters pattern on a wee-little white pumpkin. 

Bee (Rain)

Nam is REALLY into this Korean actor/singer/dancer guy named Bee.  This is a carving she did from his latest CD.  Better yet, many thought this was Angel from the X-Man, so it got lots of good cheers.

Justin and Sarah's pumpkins

Justin decided to do a Simpsons pumpkin.  This went over well with teens.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of this till the next day - part of Homer had fallen off by that point.  
Sarah did a dolphin pumpkin which turned out wonderfully!  

The Overall Display

Here's a shot of the overall display - 20 pumpkins in all. There is one out of the picture to the left and there are a few more to the right of the Death Star

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