Noel's 2003 pumpkins

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Here are my pumpkins from 2003.  These went over pretty well, especially the dragons (which were major hits) and Sponge Bob. To access the pictures, just click on the thumbnail and then use the "back" button to return.

First, the dragons

This is my Favorite, a dragon head from Ciruelo Cabral's famous picture.  This was my first attempt at making my own pattern from a picture.
For the Chinese dragon, I started getting creative - I made the pattern for this by combining the head from one pic with a body from a tattoo picture.
Here's my "East" meets "West" motif done in dragons.  You might notice I did some more modifications on the Chinese dragon around his lower tail and tongue. 

Pumpkins from Finding Nemo

Here's Nemo.  My wife Nam carved most of him.  He was a big hit.
Most boys Loved Bruce.  Almost nobody called him Bruce, they referred to him as just "The Shark."  
Dori wasn't as big a hit, but some girls (like my daughter Sarah) said she was their favorite.   
Here's all three together.  They made a good combination I think.


My son Justin did Scooby, his first pumpkin.  Scooby is always a hit.

Carving Pictures

Here's a few pics Nam took of us during the carve off.  I'm sure the tongue thing was Justin's idea.

Creative Commons License Pumpkin carving patterns by Noel Dickover is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.