Noel's 2001 pumpkins

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Here are my pumpkins from 2001. To access the pictures, just click on the thumbnail and then use the "back" button to return.

The scary pumpkins

This was my first complicated pumpkin.  It took me a long time and I made quite a few mistakes.  I think it turned out better in 2002.  
I wanted to do Darth Maul again.  He was again a great hit with teens.  

Uncle Sam

After doing the house, I got some confidence, and, based on the 9-11 thing, I was feeling patriotic.  So I did what I thought at the time was the equivalent of brain surgery.  Unfortunately, nobody cared.  Literally, NOBODY cared or commented on this.  Uncle Sam is simply not what people are interested in on Halloween.


Scooby was of course a massive hit.  Here I did him from start to finish in less than an hour, while Sam took over 4, and everyone LOVED Scooby.  
Sylvester and Tweedy was a hit as well.