Noel's 2000 pumpkins

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Here are my pumpkins from 2000.  Unfortunately, before that, I didn't have a digital camera.  If I can find my hard copy photos, I'll try to put them up as well. To access the pictures, just click on the thumbnail and then use the "back" button to return.

The scary pumpkins

Darth Maul was a massive hit with teenagers.  Truly, some of them were absolutely mesmerized.
Darth Maul looked pretty good dark as well. This was before I did the rest of the scraping out.  
I found this picture of a pumpkin carving somewhere and decided to do the same thing.  This is just a cut-through pumpkin but it went over well.  

Pooh and Tigger

Here's Pooh. He was a hit.  A number of the kids who came were in Pooh outfits, so he worked out well.  
My son loved Tigger, as did many boys.  
They worked well on the same pumpkin.