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Fantasy Pumpkins Pinterest Page 2014

My regular pages do not allow you to "pin" the larger images since I link thumbnails directly to jpgs. This made sense in 2000, but I guess not so much now. Use this page to pin photos.

Noel's Carvings | Sarah's Carvings | Justin's Carvings | Joseph's Carvings | Nam's Carvings | Jun | Other Carvers

Noel's Carvings

Smaug in Erabor chasing Bilbo


Balrog vs Gandalf


Predator vs Alien


Elsa - Frozen




White Walker, Game of Thrones

The Pokemon, Arcanine


Groot Sculpt, Guardians of the Galaxy


Baby Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy




Smaugh & Bilbo: Smaug's eye


Gandalf in the High Fells of Rhudaur


Marshmellow, Frozen


Olaf, Frozen



Sarah's Carvings


Cat Jump





The Pokemon, Kyogre

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Justin's Carvings





Demon Assassin


Merlock Tide Hunter


Emporor Palpatine




Hello Mistress

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Joseph's Carvings



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Nam's Carvings

Anna from Frozen

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Jun's Carvings


Elsa from Frozen on the Throne from Game of Thrones


Bebop and Rocksteady

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Other Carvers


Samantha - Game of Thrones


Sean- Superman

Wellington - 12th Doctor Who


Wellington - Charmeleon

Wellington - Sailor Moon

Jackie - Wonder Woman


Jackie - Gill from Nemo


Brayden (6 years old)- Ghost


Lydia and Tom - Tinkerbell


Lisa - Ninja Turtle

Cathryn - Toothless


Caroline - Hello Kitty


David and Mina - Iggles



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